First of all…


I am 25 and one sentence from my boyfriend change some things in my life. One day after we had sex, he said “your balls were hitting my butt and it was the climax.”. With these words i decided i want to have low hanging balls. I look around the internet and found some guides and some forums. 

For me the best guide is this one. Although it is a very good guide the has gone a little bit extreme for myself but he explains himself very good. And he has written the most extended guide about the  ball stretching. He tells about the reasons why people want low hanging balls, what kind of devices can be used, how to take care about your balls and he also has a time table for beginners. For short, everything you need.

At forums people were mostly talking about ball pumping, about which i don’t know much but it seems more dangerous to me and you need more equipment for it. And most of the people were saying they have very small scrotum or their balls are going inside while erection. This was not my problem so the forums was not very helpful.

It has been almost two months i’m trying to stretch my balls and here starts my journal.

My English is not so good, so if you don’t understand anything pls ask. I want to be helpful. :)